Coronavirus Update

Woods Building Maintenance still operational

Following the announcement by our Prime Minister on Tuesday 23rd March, I would like to update you on our operation at Woods Building Maintenance.


All our helpdesk staff are now fully operational working from home. Due to the nature of our telephone system, it is fully working as if they were all in the office. All operatives have access to all client portals, and they are all working their normal shift pattern, including out of hours staff.

Emergency Attendance

We are still fully operational for any emergencies that occur. The engineers have a set of questions that they will ask every client when confirming attendance. If the answer is YES to any of the questions an alert is automatically sent to the management team and the visit will be suspended and we will contact our main client contact and respective client helpdesk to advise.

Over the past week we have increased our engineers van stock and confirmed with our suppliers that spare parts are available with special arrangements in place for safe collection.

We also have a continued management escalation in place, as normal.

We appreciate these are unprecedented times for all but can assure you were are determined to provide an emergency service to our customers.

Kind regards and keep safe.

Andrew Horton

Head of Operations